Schools & Universities

Furniture and Lab Equipment Installations for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities need to complete moves and installations on a tight schedule. Squeezed in between sessions, over the holidays, or during the summer, equipping a new space or refitting existing offices and labs with new equipment and furnishings must be handled efficiently and with an eye on cost containment.

AFI has experienced staff who understand the challenges and constraints of installing furnishings for labs, libraries, schools, and universities. With 15 years of experience in furniture and equipment installations, AFI can handle projects, large and small.

How We Help

  • 50 union carpenters, movers, delivery personnel, and installers
  • Any project size, from single-person single day setup to projects that span months
  • Planning experts to collaborate with you, ensuring installs are on time and on budget
  • Turnkey solutions, including logistical support

Why AFI is the company of choice

AFI, and our partner company, Wayne Moving & Storage, have helped hundreds of schools, labs, libraries, and universities with installation of furniture and equipment. We’ve had experience with every major brand of modular furniture, giving us an advantage in time and efficiency. We can also provide services like receiving items, inspecting, storage, assembly, and delivery from our warehouses throughout the Tri-State area.

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Need a Quote?

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