Office & Industrial

Office and Industrial Installations

Projects that include office and equipment installations run the range from single-person one day jobs to large projects that span multiple months. Finding a partner that has the resources, experience, and planning skills to successfully complete a project of any size is no small endeavor.

You can rely on AFI to handle any furniture installation project. With more than 50 union carpenters, foremen, project and account managers, drivers, and movers, we have the staff to tackle anything from the simple to the complex. We bring all of these resources together to help you reduce time and costs on your installation projects.

How We Help

  • Skilled carpenters with hands-on modular installation and customization experience
  • Project management staff for a smoothly executed installation
  • Integrated solutions and logistical support
  • Experience with every major brand and line of furniture
  • 15 years of office and industrial installation experience

Why AFI is the company of choice

AFI goes beyond being a set of helping hands. Our crews are trained and experienced with installing and modifying every major brand of modular furniture available today. We’ll plan and schedule the work to fit your timeline. And if you need receiving, storage, and delivery services to go along with your installation, we can provide that, too.

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Need a Quote?

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