Office Furniture Installation

When AFI does your installation and reconfiguration work, you can be confident that projects will be thoroughly planned, correctly executed, and completed on time - all while receiving the highest value for your service dollar. This is what makes AFI an industry leader and the largest independent modular furniture installation company in the Metropolitan Philadelphia area.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Installations

Since 2005, AFI has been developing and applying practices with the goal of reducing the time and cost of installation projects - passing those benefits on to our Customers.

Projects, Big and Small

With over 50 union carpenters, installers, drivers, and movers, you can rely on AFI to handle anything from one-man installations to projects that require multiple shifts over weeks or months.

Extensive Product and Application Expertise

AFI has the know-how needed to complete your project, having installed furniture from every major brand and line for all types of organizations, including: Fortune 500 companies, casinos, hospitals, hotels, law firms, retail outlets, and universities.

Integrated Solutions and Logistical Support

Utilizing our partnership with Wayne Moving & Storage, AFI is able to provide much more than just installation. We have the resources to also offer relocation, receiving, storage, asset management, and delivery services.